Teren Launches Essentials to Mitigate Infrastructure Risk

New Essentials product helps businesses pinpoint the highest climate and environmental risk

DENVER, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Teren, the climate resilience analytics company, today announced the release of its new product, Essentials.

Pipeline systems and electric transmission corridors can span thousands of miles through diverse terrain, soil, and geologic, hydrologic, climatic land use conditions — a varied landscape of natural force threats and exposure to physical risk. However, businesses can holistically analyze these expansive systems to prevent environmental and asset risk by adopting Essentials.

Essentials helps operators and owners of extensive infrastructures, such as pipeline systems and electric transmission lines, understand their assets' exposure to physical risks across various environmental conditions and determine where to prioritize more intensive risk monitoring and analysis. Teren achieves this by modeling, quantifying and summarizing multidimensional environmental risk data for 930,000 miles of assets across the United States.

"The publicly available physical risk data is limited. It usually derives from disjointed sources with differing coverage and quality levels," said Toby Kraft, CEO of Teren. "We understand the pressures that infrastructure owners are under and the need for accurate, up-to-date data. Essentials helps alleviate the social, legal, regulatory, insurer and shareholder pressure to manage environmental threats, which are increasing at an alarming rate because of climate change."

Through Essentials, businesses can gain actionable insights into external threats. Companies can identify where their asset is most vulnerable to determine where prescriptive monitoring and analysis using LiDAR-based analytics would be most effective. The new product also helps them enhance integrity, reliability and risk management programs by identifying and prioritizing asset exposure to environmental risk. Essentials is a cost-effective subscription-based service that evaluates the entire asset footprint for potential threats. Key benefits include:

  • Better risk awareness that enables better risk management and integrity performance.
  • Quantified measurement and prioritization of systemwide environmental threats that enable targeted monitoring and management.
  • Auditable, secure digital data records.
  • Improved compliance with federal regulations
  • Systemwide analysis of exposure to climate-related physical risk that supports physical resilience and ESG performance/ratings.
  • Easy integration with Teren's Premium 4D Content program.

"We are confident that this product is a better way for asset owners to identify, quantify and prioritize environmental threats to their expansive asset networks. The products we produce create a safer and more sustainable planet as businesses and individuals seek to mitigate risk and strengthen climate resiliency," Kraft said.

Teren is rapidly growing and increasing its processing and analytics capacity to continue modernizing environmental data and turning it into actionable information about sustainability, fortifying physical assets, and building climate resilience. Learn more at

About Teren

Denver-based Teren is a leading climate resilience analytics company. By harnessing the plethora of remotely sensed data from orbit and airborne platforms, Teren delivers hyper-localized, asset-level insights for managing climate risk and building resilience over time. Teren uniquely solves complex problems by applying modern data science techniques, geo-intelligence, and high-performance computing to deliver timely, actionable results. Teren works with asset owners, developers, engineering firms, and insurers to pinpoint risk, reduce exposure and improve climate resilience. Learn more at

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