PENROSE, Colo., Aug. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Royal Gorge Skydive is partnering with Clasp Life; we are excited to announce their charity program to make a wish come true for those terminally ill. The WishNLeap Program aimed at giving individuals with terminal conditions the opportunity to scratch Skydiving off the bucket list before it is too late. The program is free for those who qualify. Clasp Life will be managing the program for Royal Gorge Skydive.

Royal Gorge Skydive is a tandem skydiving tour company in southern Colorado at the Fremont County Airport. The jump will be made from 16,000 ft. which is the highest jump offered at the airport. The company is even accepting applications for children as young as 10 for very special conditions and will require additional approvals. Chief executive officer Jason Dawson feels it is worth the effort and an acceptable risk offering it to more ages outside normal policy of 18 years due to the nature of the situation: «We’re so excited for this program, the opportunity it gives people with terminal conditions. Some of these stories are so heart wrenching and all they want is to experience the ultimate and don’t think they ever will or could.» Royal Gorge Skydive recently took a terminal cancer patient in his 70s.

Clasp Life will be taking story based submissions. People should indicate if they would like funding assistance. The request needs to come from the individual jumping. A crowd funding site has been setup for people wanting to help with qualified applicants’ travel expenses or tax deductible donations through Clasp Life. Clasp Life can be reached at [email protected] or call 719-252-2673. Royal Gorge Skydive is available for comment or questions at 719-784-2047.

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