DENVER, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The team at Nolah Sleep, LLC ( believes in «conscious consumerism» — the idea that it’s possible to do good in the world by choosing certain products and services. To that end, the company has partnered with Defenders of Wildlife (, a nonprofit conservation agency that has been protecting imperiled and endangered wildlife since 1947. For every mattress purchased from Nolah Sleep, the company will sponsor a symbolic adoption of a wildlife animal native to North America.

«As avid lovers of the great outdoors, we can’t stand by silently while pristine habitats are endangered, and the animals that call them home are displaced,» says Daniel Galle, co-founder of Nolah Sleep, LLC. «Being headquartered in Denver, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, means we have unfortunately seen this happening up close. That’s why it makes sense for Nolah Sleep to work together with Defenders of Wildlife to protect America’s wildlife and wild places.»

At checkout, Nolah shoppers can choose which animal they wish to adopt. The list is long, but some well-known species include bald eagles, bison, black bears, wolves, sea otters, arctic foxes, blue whales, dolphins, polar bears and prairie dogs. There’s no extra cost to shoppers for supporting an animal — Nolah covers the entire adoption cost. Shoppers will receive an official adoption certificate from Defenders of Wildlife. Ninety-seven percent of funds contributed to the organization go directly to helping animals and preserving natural spaces.

Defenders of Wildlife is active on the «front lines» of the battle to save American wildlife. The organization works directly with landowners and lawmakers to restore and set aside important habitats, benefiting countless native species. Its goal is to ensure a health level of biodiversity for this and all future generations. Nolah Sleep completely is proud to endorse and partner with Defenders of Wildlife, and is excited to further its invaluable mission.

«Nolah Sleep is demonstrating real commitment to the community through the purchase of animal adoptions from Defenders of Wildlife for its customers,» said Jonathan Proctor, the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Program Director for Defenders of Wildlife. «These symbolic adoptions support Defenders’ efforts to protect wildlife and the habitats on which they depend, both locally, here in the Rocky Mountains, and across the country.»

Ultimately, Nolah’s mission as a revolutionary online mattress company in Denver is to help people sleep better so they’re fully ready to face whatever adventures the day brings. At the same time, the company is giving back to the community that has enabled its success by supporting the nation’s incredible biodiversity. Consumers ready to join the #NolahNation today can visit the company website and connect with Nolah on social media, and participate in the defense of U.S. wildlife.

About Nolah Sleep, LLC

Nolah Sleep was founded by two award-winning sleep experts and serial entrepreneurs, Daniel Galle and Anna Hjoellund. With a background in sleep material science and product design — plus a passion for the great outdoors and American wildlife — Nolah set forward to change the health and wellness of Americans through a focus on good sleep.

Nolah Sleep firmly believes that great adventures stem from great sleep, for without great sleep, a person simply cannot perform at peak excellence.

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