DENVER, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Miller Heiman Group, the global leader in sales and service skills and methodology, today announced the launch of two new cloud-based solutions that make workforce learning more effective.

Miller Heiman Group released its new Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) that helps organizations transform their sales and service team performance using modern learner concepts for building skills and reinforcing best practice methodology. Sales and Service training on the ILE includes an intuitive, professional user experience with social features built in, along with gamification and applied learning capabilities. In addition, Miller Heiman Group’s Mobile Reinforcement Application helps learners better retain knowledge and skills acquired from Miller Heiman Group courses and consistently put their new skills to work over a much longer period of time.

The Miller Heiman Group ILE training module and Mobile Reinforcement Application are now available.

«Sales and service professionals need to learn and refine key skills that are known to drive performance, but organizations struggle to find the time and resources to constantly invest in the development of their people,» said Byron Matthews, President and CEO of Miller Heiman Group. «Knowing that, there are two major factors driving our investment in this innovative new technology; the pressure on organizations to develop and improve their team’s performance faster and more efficiently, and the emerging needs of the modern learner. We have taken the most proven and successful sales and service skill and methodology training programs, and enriched them with an extended, interactive experience. The launch of our ILE is a clear example of how we are a new and innovative company because it combines the best aspects of classroom learning with the efficiency and speed of digital learning. In addition, the opportunities for reinforcement and sustaining learning outcomes are dramatically increased with our new Mobile Reinforcement Application.»

The addition of ILE is powerful in that it allows organizations to invest more in training and less in travel costs associated with in-person meetings. It also allows training to be deployed more quickly and consistently globally, enabling sales and service professionals to spend more time with customers.  At the same time, Miller Heiman Group’s ILE platform provides world-class, proven sales and service training experiences that have a lasting impact on sales and service performance. ILE users can learn anywhere, anytime, on mobile devices and tablets. Learners can also collaborate with peers and mentors using gaming and social tools demonstrated to improve retention and drive better business results. 

The ILE training module can be used as a stand-alone solution or alongside instructor-led and digital learning modalities to deliver Miller Heiman Group’s world-class selling and service skills and methodology in the way that best fits an organization’s learning culture.

Each learning module includes outcome-based activities embedded in the learning experience, giving learners real-life simulations for the skills they need to sell more and service better. Learners can revisit modules within the ILE over time to review materials when they need it most.

Research shows that people forget 90 percent of what they learn after one week. Miller Heiman Group’s Mobile Reinforcement Application provides a series of proven reinforcement events to maximize long-term retrieval of information, and enable learners to put their knowledge and skills to work in an ongoing way. It includes anywhere, anytime mobile access; provides insights to management for coaching opportunities; is tied to sales enablement tools and planning processes in a CRM; and allows for just-in-time reinforcement.

The most popular and proven Miller Heiman Group sales solutions are available on the ILE and Mobile Reinforcement Application, including Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling, SPIN Selling, and Professional Selling Skills. More than 2 million sales professionals worldwide have improved their performance using these programs, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages.  

«The research is clear. Sellers in organizations with consistent use of a sales methodology dramatically outperform those in organizations that don’t deploy a consistent methodology,» Matthews said. «With Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling on ILE, and in our Mobile Reinforcement Application, it is now easier for sellers to adopt and maintain the world’s best sales methodologies that lead to breakthrough revenue performance for their businesses.»

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