SEATTLE, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DataWeb announced today the Upgrade 2017 Contest, a contest targeting MS Access users and developers who want to gain the value and utility of a web based application. Each month DataWeb will announce a new winner. Each winner will have an Access application of their choosing re-built using the services built into the DataWeb Platform. All work will be done by DataWeb’s Professional Services Team for free; there is no development cost to the application owner. The functionality in the Access app and the data will both be transitioned to their newly minted web application. Once the re-build is complete, the application will be managed in secure and safe Tier 3 Data Center.

The DataWeb Platform offers site Administrators an easy to navigate management dashboard that allows for data backup on local machines, a point-and-click role based user access table and a host of features that are reflective of MS Access. «If a developer knows their way around MS Access, then picking up the DataWeb Platform is very straight-forward,» said Josh Fulleton, a Systems Engineer at DataWeb.

All winners will have free use of their application for 30 days to operate their app and decide whether they want to convert to a commercial account with DataWeb.

«This is an excellent opportunity for MS Access users to explore how a DataWeb hosted application can add both value and utility to their business,» said Richard Locke, CEO of DataWeb. «Furthermore, if a winner takes a look at their new DataWeb application and finds that it does not meet their requirements, DataWeb will delete their application and their data with no questions asked. At no time will the winner be asked to pay any development or subscription fees. This is how confident we are that they will like the easy and secure functionality of their new app. Winners get a No Obligation opportunity to see firsthand the power of a DataWeb business application.»

Subscription fees with DataWeb range in cost from $49 a month to $199, depending on the number of users and amount of data involved. Some HIPPA Compliant applications range quite a bit higher. All subscription fees are agreed to in advance with the winners. At no time are the winners obligated to pay any development or subscription fees. 

To learn more about this contest please contact our team at [email protected].

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