CASTLE ROCK, Colo., Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ClearPower North America has expanded the market for its patented, Straflo design Industrial Turbine Generator (ITG) with the launch of its new ITG-M Series for the mining industry.

ClearPower's  Industrial Turbine Generator for the mining industry, the ITG-M Series.

The ITG-M Series allows mining companies to utilize their existing gravity-fed pipelines or outfalls to convert water and selective water slurry flows into a source of sustainable, renewable, low-cost electricity. By harnessing sufficient water flow and head, mining companies that install the ITG-M Series can produce over 30MW (megawatts) of economical off-grid power, significantly reducing their electricity costs.   The ITG-M is capable of producing up to three megawatts of electricity per 150 feet of head.

Mines that currently use expensive diesel fuels and inefficient generators spend approximately $212 to $281 per megawatt for electricity according to data provided by the Rocky Mountain Institute. At these rates, mines are spending approximately $65 to $100 million annually on energy for the 30 to 50 MW of electricity they need for operations.

«Our Industrial Turbine Generator-M Series is a perfect fit for mining companies,» said Michael Prendergast, managing partner at ClearPower North America. «Mines utilize millions of gallons of water every day.  This water can be economically converted into an inexpensive and sustainable source of clean energy.  ClearPower’s in-conduit ITG-M platform provides a robust bolt-on solution that can dramatically cut the cost of power for a fraction of the investment of other renewable sources, while reducing their carbon footprint.»

The ITG-M Series features a unique direct-drive, synchronous, permanent magnetized generator (PMG) that harvests the energy of moving water from gravity-fed pipelines. The unique all-in-one rim design of the generator removes the need for a central shaft and couplings, resulting in a simplified, compact and efficient generating system that improves efficiency, limits noise, and prevents vibration.

ClearPower’s ITG-M Series is a bolt-on platform that can be installed quickly with potentially no downtime or disruption to operations. It also offers a small footprint that easily becomes part of an existing infrastructure that removes pressure while not affecting flow.

To estimate how much power mines could produce using ClearPower’s online calculator and to learn more, visit, call 1-303-993-5438, or email [email protected].

ClearPower converts existing water flow from gravity-fed pipelines and outflows into a continuous source of sustainable, renewable, and low-cost electricity. To learn more, visit, call 1-303-993-5438, or send an email to (PRNewsfoto/ClearPower North America)

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