DENVER, Aug. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Catalyst, the company that designs, hosts and services the fastest and most scalable document repositories for e-discovery and regulatory compliance, today announced the TAR Challenge, a free simulation showing companies and law firms what they could save in review by using Catalyst Insight, the award-winning TAR 2.0 system with continuous active learning.

Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world's fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. (PRNewsFoto/Catalyst Repository Systems)

According to a recent Bloomberg survey, users are still trying to measure the efficacy of TAR for discovery. This, and the launch of their new algorithm, are what led Catalyst to offer the TAR Challenge. With the challenge, Catalyst will run a simulation using data from a company’s last review, at no cost or obligation. Seeing the speed, accuracy and power of the latest version of their machine-learning algorithm in a recent client matter is what really led Catalyst to make the challenge.

«There’s a lot of debate in the legal world about the extent to which TAR truly reduces the time and cost of e-discovery review,» said John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO. «Our goal with the TAR Challenge is to compare the efficacy of TAR 2.0 against manual review. Once users see for themselves, they’ll understand the true value of machine learning.»

CAL systems often outperform both linear review and TAR 1.0 systems by wide margins. True predictive ranking engines that continuously learn and adapt will move relevant documents to the front of the line. This allows review teams to focus on these relevant documents first while dramatically reducing human error. 

«Overwhelmingly, CAL technology has proven to be the most efficient way to conduct reviews of all sizes,» says Larry Barela, Catalyst’s chief technology officer, «It saves an enormous amount of time and money, and increases efficiency of review by huge margins. It is the future of e-discovery.»

Participants just need to send their documents and a load file to Catalyst from a recent review where a team was paid for review. Catalyst will then load the documents and run a simulation to demonstrate how the review could have gone using Insight Predict. The result will show exactly how many documents could have been cut out of the review and how much it would have saved. For more information, go to:

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Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 15 years, corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters. To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @CatalystSecure.


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