DENVER, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Brackitz, an award-winning toy company that manufactures its products in the United States of America, has offered to assist President Trump’s administration in the construction of the Mexican Border Wall and other infrastructure projects, effective immediately.

The company with the same name as the product, Brackitz has offered to be the official wall supplier and manufacturer because they believe their quality craftsmanship offers the country a more cost-effective and attractive solution that only requires a preschool education.  Known as a creative, colorful kid engineering solution, the Brackitz wall does not require glue, nails or screws for construction.  Consisting of sturdy planks and one-of-a-kind connectors, Brackitz is a real life tool that reinforces the science, technology, engineering and math skills (STEM) required to build a wall of this magnitude.   

«Brackitz inspires creativity and encourages team work, two important qualities that will go into the construction of the wall,» said Chris Cochella, COO of Brackitz.  «We take pride in the fact that we manufacture our products here in the USA. The most important part of our involvement in the wall is to share our mission of creating quality products that are fun for builders of all ages and offers endless possibilities. We’re excited that our efforts will bring awareness to small businesses and the monumental tasks they can accomplish. You don’t have to be a titan of industry to help ‘Make America Great Again.’ Brackitz has no political or financial position in the border wall.»

The U.S.-Mexico border spans 1,933 miles, running from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, across California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas (link). Though the challenges, including legal and environmental limitations are overwhelming, the administration is confident in Brackitz’ ability to complete the task. The Department of Homeland Security estimates that a border wall will cost $21.6 billion, (link) but with the use of Brackitz’ one-of-a-kind plastic connectors, the wall will only cost a fraction of that price.  The simplicity of the connectors will also cut down on construction time required for completion. The sturdy pieces are made up of strong and durable plastic, allow you to build tall and wide that will construct an impenetrable, yet attractive wall that will stretch for miles.

As the president told the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that construction will start «very soon» and if Brackitz is chosen, it’s safe to say it will be built way ahead of schedule.

«While our intent is to be facetious when it comes to the border wall the truth is, even though we’re not going to build the wall out of Brackitz, if we were to build the wall out of Brackitz it would be completed much quicker and more cost efficient than officials originally predicted,» explained Rob Lubeck, CEO of Brackitz.  «We’re confident it would look nicer too.»

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Designed to ignite creativity, Brackitz is an award-winning innovative new toy construction line that encourages open-ended, imaginative play like no other construction set on the market today. With just a few tools at their disposal, including planks and one-of-a-kind connectors, children are given the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination to construct entirely new worlds by playing on their own or with friends. So build out, build tall or build wide – there is no limit! And since the line is developed by a dadpreneur, parents can be rest-assured that they are providing their child with a durable construction set that also promotes STEAM, no matter what skill level.

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