DENVER, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB: MSRT), a leading technology platform in the legal cannabis industry, is pleased to announce the early-stage testing of a new concierge service for cannabis enthusiasts. The service will be available in early December 2017 and marks a new partnership with Diem Cannabis, an Oregon-based dispensary and delivery service. Early tests will be available throughout Portland and nearby Salem, providing delivery customers with a virtual budtender to help them choose the right order for their specific needs.

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MassRoots’ new concierge service will allow consumers to speak by phone or text chat with a virtual budtender, ask questions, get recommendations, and verify all information is correct before MassRoots hands the order off to Diem, which will fulfill and deliver the final order to the consumer, accepting payment on delivery. Diem currently accepts cash, debit, and eCheck.

“Diem Cannabis is excited to partner with MassRoots to make ordering cannabis delivery easier,” said Diem cofounder and CEO Chris Mitchem. “At Diem we believe that cannabis is for everyone, and this partnership with MassRoots will assist us in our mission to make marijuana easily available to those who need it, with the best prices and selection in Oregon, delivered in an hour or less.”

Oregon legalized medical and recreational cannabis delivery in early 2017, but it wasn’t until midsummer that licenses were available and delivery services began coming online. While many consumers prefer the convenience of delivery for food and other items, cannabis users have been slower to adopt online ordering, in part because the sheer number of options listed on a dispensary menu can be overwhelming.

“For many new to the cannabis space” said Scott Kveton, CEO of MassRoots, “talking with a knowledgeable budtender at a local dispensary has become a big part of their cannabis education, informing their understanding of what to expect and how best to enjoy cannabis. Online ordering removes that interaction and leaves the customer to educate themselves. Kveton understands this isn’t always convenient or enjoyable. “We’re excited to fill that gap, the vacancy created in online ordering when details on the product can be incomplete or missing altogether. We’re thrilled to provide a complementary service ensuring customers have the best cannabis experience possible,.

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